EVA Basics for Investors

Investor's Guide to EVA

Bennett Stewart | 2011-02-07

EVA outperforms the accountants’ valuation paradigm for many reasons, but foremost because it is based on economic principles as opposed to bookkeeping rules.  Learn how EVA is used by investment professionals to make better and faster buy/sell decisions.

The Empirical Case for EVA and PRVit

Bennett Stewart | 2011-05-04

Theoretically, EVA should do a better job of explaining stock prices than measures taken from conventional accounting.  But does it work?  Most definitely.  The article lays out in detail how EVA does a better job than the usual candidates at both explaining share price levels and predicting returns going forward.

Using the Predictive Accuracy Score in PRVit

Robert Corwin | 2011-06-20

While PRVit scores generally provide reliable insights into the relative valuation and likely returns of stocks, they have been found to be relatively more accurate for certain types of companies.  The Predictive Accuracy Score (PAS) on PRVit reports is a formal recognition of this.