EVA Express: The Best Financial Analysis Tool on the Market

EVA Express is the tool for deep-dive analysis of a company’s economic performance with detailed EVA analytics beyond those available in PRVit.  With EVA Express you can deconstruct a company’s performance step by step—down to each driver of income-statement and balance-sheet efficiency—benchmarking it with peers and tracing its evolution over time, and learn exactly why a company’s economic performance is improving or deteriorating. 

The Best Financial Analysis Tool on the MarketPopulate Excel dashboards with up to 10 tickers at a time for side-by-side comparisons.  EVA Express provides a set of preformatted reports and graphs that yield unmatched insights into why economic performance has improved or deteriorated, where a company leads the pack and where it lags its peers.  Track all the components of performance, risk and valuation over the past 12 quarters, the last six trailing-four-quarter periods, and up to 20 years of annual results.

View a snapshot that provides headline data over the last six trailing-four-quarter periods covering EVA performance, key EVA ratios, market expectations and valuation, benchmarked against the industry or index of your choice. Or switch to the stats tab to progressively drill down to literally hundreds of lines of detail to reveal the drivers of performance, risk and valuation, plus a reconciliation of the differences between the EVA measures and GAAP.  And, you can compare up to five companies side-by-side at a time.

EVA Express also is loaded with preformatted charts, more than 40 in all, the most important of which is the EVA Momentum Pyramid.  EVA Momentum is the change in EVA during a period divided by sales in the trailing period.  The Pyramid separates a company’s EVA Momentum into the two core components—the change in the EVA Margin, shown on the left side of the Pyramid, and the contribution from “profitable growth,” shown on the right.  Profitable growth is the sales growth rate times the concluding EVA margin.  The Pyramid shows you at once how much of a company’s EVA Momentum is due productivity gains or losses (changes in the EVA Margin), and how much was gained or lost by profitable or unprofitable growth or retrenchment.

The Best Financial Analysis Tool on the MarketBut the Pyramid does much more.  In four steps, it opens to reveal progressively more detail in the EVA Margin statement, showing which components caused the improvement or deterioration in a company’s operating efficiency.  It also shows where the company ranks relative to its benchmark on each component, and where it ranked in the trailing four quarters or in the same quarter a year before. 

In sum, EVA Express allows you to see the big picture and the details that count, examine trends in market expectations, valuation multiples & risk profiles, view peer and industry stats to identify competitive strengths and weaknesses, and put those insights into perspective.  You get the big picture, and the details that count, the perfect backdrop for making your own projections of a company’s future EVA performance.