Who we are and what do we do

Overall, we help investors make better investing decisions by being able to measure true economic profit using our unparalleled knowledge of the EVA framework.  Our work is based on a comprehensive platform of analytical tools to screen for idea generation, peer comparisons, and company analysis.  We compliment the framework and tools with client driven research to match ideas with EVA factor performance, themes and qualitative observations to produce actionable company-specific ideas, industry research and broad, investable themes using our qualitative and quantitative approaches. 

Our tools and services:

  • Investor Express: A robust web-based platform allowing investors to view EVA Margin and EVA Momentum trends on over 15,000 companies worldwide.  Other features include:
    • Ability to deconstruct economic profit into all the individual drivers and components
    • Conduct relative value analysis vs. peers
    • Perform valuation studies and estimate share price by modifying sales and EVA driver assumptions
    • Comprehensive screening where investors can find investment opportunities by filtering our database using EVA-based factors
    • View our quantitative stock rating system (PRVit) which used 24 EVA-based performance, risk, and valuation factors to rank a company relative to its industry, its country, or overall market
  • Client Driven Research: EVA Dimensions uses its analytical tools and data, and unparalleled knowledge of EVA, to produce client-driven research.  We match ideas, factor performance, themes and observations with company and industry fundamentals, and macroeconomic indicators and catalysts to produce actionable ideas, industry allocations and investible themes.


  • Portfolio Analytics and Attribution: Using our proprietary, EVA-based factors, we can analyze a portfolio or fund relative to a benchmark and display active weightings which enables portfolio managers to better assess sources of risk and alpha.